Video Sleek Summer Updo


Master Stylist Martin Parsons illustrates, for a team of stylists, how to achieve a sleek updo which is perfect for summer cocktail hour on the deck of your boat.  If you have medium to long length hair and want a professional explanation of a classic updo, this tutorial is for you!

An updo is a hairstyle where the hair is pulled up off the shoulders and neck into a specific style and held in place with clips, barrettes or other hair accessories. Usually these hairstyles are used for special events such as weddings, proms, or appearances at fancy shindigs. There are many who enjoy either creating these dos or getting to model one on special occasions.

While there are a few updo styles for those with short hair, most styles are better suited to women with medium to long length hair.  Suitable styling for short hair can certainly be pretty for an event, or a partial updo might be achieved if hair in the front is long enough to pull back and pinned.

There’s an infinite variation of potential updo styles, but several of them have emerged as near classics.  One of these is the ponytail, where hair is simply pulled back or where the ponytail becomes the base for other updo forms. The French Twist for example begins with collecting the hair into a ponytail, twisting it, and then bringing the hair ends up to be tucked into the twisted hair. These can be tight or loose, and some varieties stick hair ends up at the back of the head. Variants of the twist are made easy with large butterfly clips, but a more finished look may be achieved with hairpins.