Prevent Sun Damage



Summer sun feels good but it can damage your hair if you don’t take simple precautions!

1. Condition, Condition, Condition

Restore moisture by conditioning more than regularly.  Summer sun dries out your hair, so it’s critical that you moisturize with a good conditioner.

2. Don’t Overwash!

It might feel good to wash your hair after a particularly hot day, but doing so will strip your hair of natural protective oils.  If you tend to sweat a lot on your scalp, use a very mild shampoo on your scalp only.  As the suds rinse down, they are enough to clean your hair so you don’t have to apply shampoo separately to the hair shaft and tips.

3. Swim With Your Hair Au Naturel

Shampooing your hair before you swim will make it extra vulnerable to pool chemicals and ocean salt water.  Use a shampoo afterwards that is formulated with ethylene tetra-acetic acid to gently remove pool chemicals.  Or better yet, book in for a Micro Carbonation Treatment!

4. Use Sun Protection – SPF

If you don’t want to sport a scarf or summer hat, use a leave-in conditioner or topical spray with a minimum SPF 25.  Be sure to remove these products with a gentle hydrating shampoo when the day is done.  We like Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me 🙂

5. Drink Like A Fish

Drink more water than you normally do if the weather is hot.  Hydrating from the inside has many benefits including keeping your hair looking and feeling great.  Don’t forget, caffeine and alcohol rob your body of moisture, so follow with a long shot of water after your morning coffee or evening cocktail.